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Buying Bitcoin with PayPal is restricted because of a high number of chargebacks (return of money to a buyer). You can use a workaround through vouchers or by trading with a local person.

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Paxful is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange which connects buyers and sellers to easily trade Bitcoins. The exchange is famous for providing the ability to buy Bitcoin using PayPal or gift cards (iTunes, Amazon).
  • 300+ payment methods accepted
  • Easy to use
  • Slightly higher fees than LocalBitcoins

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With, you can meet local people to trade cryptocurrencies in-person with cash or other methods, such as PayPal. You can also find people who accept credit card payments to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Read the comprehensive LocalBitcoins review.
  • Available in all countries
  • Low fees, depending on seller
  • All payment methods accepted, including cash

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  1. Buy voucher using PayPal
  2. Exchange the voucher for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency using

Selling of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with PayPal is not entirely safe. This is because PayPal allows return of money to the buyer of a product, in this case, cryptocurrency. When you sell your Bitcoins to someone, he’ll send you money on your PayPal account and you in turn will send them corresponding amount of Bitcoins. However, the buyer can request a chargeback, which PayPal improves most of the times. This means he’ll receive both, the Bitcoins and the PayPal money.

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